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Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Specialist | Orthopaedic Hand Specialist | DS Orthopaedics

Sports orthopedics in Campinas and São Paulo – Excellence training in São Paulo – Foot and ankle surgery – Hand and wrist surgery.

Our treatment philosophy

We know how precious our mobility and limb function is to live our lives fully. With this in mind, we work to ensure accurate diagnosis, affordable treatment, and AN EARLY recovery for our patients.

Because life cannot wait.

About DS Ortopedia

Specialists in foot, hand, and orthopedic sports medicine as you’ve never seen. DS (Doering-Sevá) Ortopedia was born from realizing that our work and individual experiences should be complementary.

Over the years, we have observed our patients’ joy and satisfaction as they are treated simultaneously by two orthopedic surgeons. And that influenced and led us to the creation of our team. Each of us has had distinctive training in the country’s best centers of excellence in orthopedics.

Juliana Doering M.D. is an orthopedic surgeon specialized in foot and ankle surgery and orthopedic sports medicine.

Guilherme Sevá M.D. is an orthopedist surgeon specialized in hand and wrist surgery, microsurgery, orthopedic sports medicine, and brachial plexus injury treatment.

As experts in different areas, shared clinical and surgical decisions can provide more comprehensive care. Our ultimate goal is consistently achieving the best results based on technical, humanized, and differentiated care.

Come and see some of our work!

Service Locations
Medical Office
America Building
Rua Antônio Lapa, 280, 5º andar, Cj. 507, Cambuí – Campinas/SP
Samaritano Hospital - Higienópolis
DS Orthopedics | São Paulo
Samaritan Hospital Specialty Medical Center
Rua Tupi, 535, Higienópolis, São Paulo SP
Appointment Schedule

Our outpatient consultation is private in Campinas, and it is possible to require reimbursement of the paid amount if your health insurance company offers this benefit. In São Paulo, at Samaritano Hospital, the main health insurance plans such as SulAmerica, Omint, One Health, Bradesco, Care Plus, among others, are accepted. To learn more, contact us by phone or message us on WhatsApp at your preferred service location.

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