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How to book your appointment

We serve two major cities in the state: Campinas and São Paulo (Capital). You can book your appointment at all service locations.

You can make your appointment by telephoneWhatsApp, and also through the websites of the medical centers.

Our outpatient consultation is private in Campinas, and it is possible to require reimbursement of the paid amount if your health insurance company offers this benefit. To determine the reimbursement amount, you must EITHER CONTACT your operator OR consult your insurance company’s app.

Check the service locations, addresses, and contacts for scheduling below.


Medical Office

Specialized practice in the treatment of orthopedic injuries, with emphasis on sports injuries. It is located in Campinas, Cambuí. Make your appointment with our orthopedists in Campinas, by phone or WhatsApp.

America Building
280, Antônio Lapa, 5th floor, Suite 507
Cambuí, Campinas/SP

(19) 99630-0481

São Paulo

Medical Center of Specialties

Differentiated service in a technological medical center with excellent accessibility, located in the Higienópolis neighborhood, São Paulo. Make your appointment by phone or through the Samaritan Hospital website.

Samaritano Hospital
535, Tupi, Higienópolis
São Paulo/SP

+55 (11) 3821-5300

Samaritano website

Examinations and Procedures

Did you know that exams and surgical procedures can be covered by your health insurance plan, even if the doctors are not accredited by your operator?

After her consultation, Dr. Juliana or Dr. Guilherme will give you the medical orders to perform your exams. With this document in hand, you can have them carried out in the laboratories or medical centers covered by your plan.

It is also possible to get reimbursement for surgical procedures. Our secretary will be able to assist you with your health insurance plan to identify the amount of reimbursement that will be available. Contact us!

Check out our reviews!

In addition to everything, you can still take advantage of the visit to learn more about the work of DS Orthopedics, and also check the opinions of our patients, about the Juliana Doering M.D. and Guilherme Sevá M.D..

Contact us

If you are already our patient you can, in addition to scheduling an appointment, still leave your opinion about our service, with compliments, criticisms or suggestions. We are always open to our patients’ opinions to make our practice better and better.

Any questions left? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

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