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Guilherme Sevá M.D.

Orthopaedic surgeon specialized in Hand and Wrist Surgery | Microsurgery and Reconstructive Surgery | Brachial Plexus Injuries

“As the son of enthusiastic engineers, I have always enjoyed mechanics, sports and crafts. After years of study, work and continuous learning, I now realize how lucky I am to have been able to choose a profession that covers most of my interests: This way, I can work every day as an orthopaedic hand and wrist specialist, doing what I love and directly improving people’s lives.”

Dr. Guilherme Sevá | Orthopedist Hand and Wrist Specialist


  • General orthopedics and traumatology
  • Hand and upper limb surgery
  • Hand and upper limb fractures
  • Deformities and degenerative lesions of the wrists and hands
  • Wrist arthroscopy and treatment of sports injuries of the wrist and hand
  • Minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injuries
  • Microsurgery and reconstructive surgery of the limbs
  • Treatment of sequelae of hand and wrist injuries
Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Specialist


  • Specialization in Hand Surgery and Microsurgery (University of São Paulo Medical School – Brazil)
  • Research Fellowship in Biomechanics (ARI – AO Foundation Research Institute – Davos Switzerland)
  • Medical Residency in Orthopedics and Traumatology (University of São Paulo Medical School – Brazil)
  • Graduation in Medicine (University of São Paulo Medical School – Brazil)


  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (SBOT)
  • Member of the Brazilian Society of Hand Surgery (SBCM)
  • Member of the clinical staff of hospitals: Hospital Samaritano de São Paulo, Hospital Sirio-Libanês, Hospital Albert Einstein, Hospital e Maternidade Madre Theodora, Hospital Vera Cruz, Centro Médico de Sousas
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