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How does reimbursement work?

Does your health insurance not cover your chosen doctor’s outpatient consultation? No problem, here we explain how the refund works.

Some health insurance companies allow clients to freely choose their doctors or other health professionals (therapists, physiotherapists, dentists…), by reimbursing some or all the paid amount.

To find out if this is the case for you, you should access your insurance contract. Some plans of the largest health operators, such as BradescoSulAméricaOmintUnimed Segurosand Amil One, offer this possibility to patients.

Consultation Reimbursement | DS Orthopedics

It works as follows:

  • You book a private appointment with the doctor of your choice and pay for the appointment as usual.
  • Just send the invoice to your insurance company to request the reimbursement (most operators provide electronic channels such as WhatsApp and the operator’s APP to send the document electronically).
  • Finally, wait for the deadline to receive the reimbursed amount.

Reimbursement is also possible for surgical procedures. Our secretary will be able to assist you with your health insurance plan to identify the amount of refund that will be available.

Have you got any questions? Get in touch with us!

Consultation Reimbursement | DS Orthopedics
Guidelines for the consultation
  • Please arrive a few minutes early.
  • Bring all the exams you have, even old ones. It is important to bring not only test reports but also test images, which will be essential for the medical assessment. If you can view them online, have your lab login and password with you.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can facilitate movement and physical examination, such as gym clothes.
  • If there are any unforeseen circumstances and you are unable to attend, please contact the service location to cancel or reschedule your appointment, so we can reschedule appointments and organize ourselves.
Doctor's Appointments

We attend private consultations and by reimbursement, in our office in Campinas. In São Paulo, at Samaritano Hospital, the main health insurance plans such as SulAmerica, Omint, One Health, Bradesco, Care Plus, among others, are accepted. To find out more, contact us by phone or by sending a message on WhatsApp at your preferred service location.

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